ppmfpUse our PPM TEMPLATES for Reg D Private Offerings. Sell Common Stock Shares, Preferred Stock, LLC Units, Hedge Fund Interests, Limited Partnerships, Promissory Notes, or Convertible Debt.

Encite Financial Group BBB Business Review We provide Private Placement Memorandums, PPM Templates, Reg D Filings and Regulation D support for attorneys, investment bankers and entrepreneurs raising private capital.

Raise capital for ANY INDUSTRY; Private Equity Funds, Real Estate, Hedge Funds, Retail Businesses, Franchises, Manufacturing, Internet, Ecommerce, Software Development, Bio-Med, Bio-Fuel, Films, Medical, Professional Services, or any other type of business.

We’re the Original PPM Template Creators. Our downloadable template packages are the most complete packages available anywhere. Our Packages include a PPM Template, Investor Suitability Questionnaire, Subscription Agreement, Promissory Note (debt packages only), LLC Operating Agreement (LLC packages only), State and SEC Regulation D filing documents, and all 50 U.S State disclosure legends plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia! Need Foreign Legends? We have those as well!

All of our private placement memorandums meet the requirements for an SEC Regulation D Private Securities Offering, as well as, State Blue Sky and NASAA requirements. We have PPM Templates for debt or equity offerings that can be used by Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Limited Partnerships (LP) and any type of Corporation.


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Rule 506 Corporate Equity Rule 506 Corporate Debt Rule 506 LLC Equity Rule 506 LLC Debt

Rule 505 Corporate Equity Rule 505 Corporate Debt Rule 505 LLC Equity Rule 505 LLC Debt

Rule 504 Corporate Equity Rule 504 Corporate Debt Rule 504 LLC Equity Rule 504 LLC Debt


img-secureAll PPM Templates are downloaded from our secure servers. All PPM Templates and Samples have been successfully used by over 4,000 companies since 2002. Our PPM Templates are used by over 500 Attorneys and over 300 Investment Bankers.


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